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We invite you to become part of Hifadhi Zanzibar as shareholder and make this venture a success; for yourself and for Zanzibar as a whole. 

Contact us here.

For maximised reinvestment of profits in the extension of the portfolio, dividend payable to shareholders will be modest. Shares can only be sold for the nominal value, again to maximise investment in the capital of the city, the ultimate long-term business opportunity for the shareholders.


The investment is safe and keeps its value, while there is a large growth potential.


Hifadhi Zanzibar is a private company with a public goal and will operate with full transparency. The goals and mode of operation of the company fit into Corporate Responsibility Programmes.


Hifadhi Zanzibar has identified a number of attractive development projects to undertake in the first years. With an initial capital of 600,000 usd in the first year, it aims to grow to a portfolio with a total value of 4-5 million usd in 5 years, after which a steady annual growth of 10-20% is foreseen.


Hifadhi Zanzibar issues shares with a value of 10,000 usd and looks for investors that will join as founding shareholders. It is particularly valuable, if the shareholders can make a yearly capital injection over the first few years, so we can steadily build on a firm base for expansion.

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