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The built heritage of Zanzibar is of exceptional universal value. It is a source of identity and cohesion for its inhabitants and it makes Stone Town attractive as tourism destination, Zanzibar’s most important driver for economic development.


It is of eminent importance to maintain the town well, doing so also offers major opportunities to make Stone Town a thriving centre for all. this work is essential to a healthy future for Stone Town and Zanzibar as a whole.


Hifadhi Zanzibar is contributing to this healthy development of the city, by acquiring, restoring and cost-effectively utilising monumental buildings in a sustainable way.


Hifadhi Zanzibar manages its property in a profitable way, not with the aim to maximise dividend, but to reinvest in new property, making an ever-increasing positive impact on the state of Zanzibar’s built heritage. Step-by-step Hifadhi makes Stone Town a more attractive urban environment, meanwhile stimulating other owners to follow suit.


Hifadhi Zanzibar contributes to a thriving and inclusive city, with commerce for all markets and residential space for everyone. Only then will Stone Town be able to maintain its position as world famous tourist attraction and keep its role as driver for economic development of Zanzibar.

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